How To Make Homemade Japanese Food

How To Make Homemade Japanese Food

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  1. SOOO GOOD 🤤🤤🤤😋

  2. "Once you get to know your rice cooker, it's your friend."


  3. Madison Sang

    My favorite Japanese dish is sushi, hijiki, and salmon Ikura roll

  4. Madison Sang


  5. Her mum sounds so nice, making cute animals for her bento everyday!!! So sweet!!! 🙂

  6. PowerBarrels ///

    1:59 I'm only 13 but I'm still making this shit anyway😂

  7. aaawwweeee RIE!!! <3 She is my FAVE.

  8. Time To Judge

    I want that octopus wiener.

  9. Rie is a blessing

  10. 사랑스러운

    I'm craving okonomiyaki so bad now 🙁

  11. dennice ruiz

    This food looks amazing.

  12. Rie is the triple threat brains, beauty, and she can literally cook anything. I think I’m in love❤️

  13. Beatriz DEL YELMO DE HARO


  14. Anime and Youtube lover

    Wiggle wiggle wiggle 🎼🎶 tu tu tu tu… (Probably talking about the dessert)

  15. I like Rie and her name

  16. that 'oh yes' at the end was so off for this episode haha

  17. 炊飯器でチーズケーキ作りたくなったのって私だけ?Am I the only one who went running to the rice cooker to make jiggly cheese cake?

  18. 私さ、13だけど料理とか無理やっさー。いつもお母さんに料理作らないからって、いつも怒られるw 本当にシンプルなのしかできないんだよね〜。地元は沖縄だし、今も沖縄に住んでるからお母さんの家族の方からは、料理もできない孫とかいらないとか言われても〜 誰か料理のアドバイスとかある〜?

  19. (Keffy) Nichakamol Chitirattanasre


  20. Watching her make food and say delightful things gives me that Bob Ross vibe, very delightful!