How to make Galinhada: Brazilian Chicken and Rice Recipe

I recently got a recipe recommendation from Laura (hi, Laura!), a viewer from Brazil who is a regular viewer/commenter of my YouTube videos! She’s a culinary student and takes awesome photos on Instagram — so when she suggested it (and said it’s one of her favorites!), I just had to try it.

And, surprise surprise…it was SO good! PLUS it’s easy, economical, and a wonderful weeknight meal.

Here’s how you make it:

-4 chicken breasts (or a whole chicken, or any part of the chicken that you love)
-1 onion, chopped
-2 cloves garlic, minces
-1 cup uncooked white rice
-approx. 4 cups water
-2 bay leaves (optional)
-parsley and green onion, for garnish
-salt, pepper, and lime to marinade the chicken

Cut up the chicken into bite size pieces. Season it with salt, pepper, and lime juice. Let it marinade overnight or for a few hours.

In a large pot, add oil and cook the onions and garlic until soft and translucent. Add the chicken and cook it for a while…until it gets dark and crispy! (That’s where the flavor is!)

Then add the rice and fry it for a few minutes. Then add the water, bay leaves, salt and pepper.

Leave it to cook until the water is evaporated and the rice is cooked.
Then serve it with parsley and green onions!! (She said it’s best with LOTS of garnish!!!)

YUM! Hope you guys like it!

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  1. June Wasilewski

    will cook galinhada for tonights dinner 😛 thanks for the recipe.. xoxo from Denmark

  2. Any kind of chicken with rice is awesome-cakes.

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  4. Rebecca Johnson

    good job! simple. Any more videos like this ?

  5. paulo melonio


  6. Samuel Pinto

    Receita curintiana!

  7. I made this last night, so good. The fresh scallions and parsley was perfect with it. Thanks!!

  8. thank you, but good lord you are LOUD. lol Next time I watch any of your videos I will make sure to be wide awake. 😃

  9. Gustavo Ferreira

    eu nunca comi isso

  10. Rosa Hernandez

    I made this recipe and it was delicious. Thanks katie for sharing this recipe. You are amazing, keep that positive personality .

  11. I'm from Brazil too,and I looove Galinhada💙

  12. Victor souzza

    Na minha região isso se chama Canja.

  13. Buğra Akıncı

    Nice recepie but 2 cups of water is enough 🙂

  14. zenab_ Habje

    same kabsa in arabin galf 😉

  15. Brasil!!!!! Galinhada, melhor prato com frango ever!

  16. Larissa Moraes

    I love Galinhada! I've just watched you and Uiara (Le Plat Du Jour) making caipirinha and just subscribed here! Your vídeos are great! Kisses from Brazil!

  17. Katie Da Silva

    I love Brazilians e Brazilian Food!!!! Keep sharing more recipes porfavo! Now I can surprise my husband(who is a Brasiliero)! Muito Obrigado! tchau,tchau😊

  18. Between The Eats

    Yum! Looks great! Happy to Subscribe ; )- Terri

  19. Made this tonight. GOD IN HEAVEN, it's delicious. Thank you for this great recipe!

  20. TheGoodGuy4U

    Trying it right now…