How to Make Awesome Potato Salad Recipe

How to Make Awesome Potato Salad Recipe + Tutorial! The dressing is extra delicious because it’s made with a combo of mayonnaise, sour cream, and olive oil, instead of just mayonnaise (which I think is a little one-note). I’m using red potatoes for this potato salad. Let’s get cooking!

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  1. Vera Kafourou

    You made me want to have a potato salad now! lol I loved the idea of adding mayo and yogurt (we don' t have sour cream) and olive oil in the dressing! I also love eating it warm! 😉 xo

  2. Chelsea Thao

    I'm sort of new to your channel. I'm so sorry to hear about your spine surgery, I'm glad it went well and glad to hear you're recovering well. Sending prayers your way! And ps, I usually like my potato salad cold but I think this time I'll try it warm! ☺☺☺☺☺

  3. xavieryoung5666

    Great dish. You should definitely try crumbling some bacon in next time

  4. Christian Delgado

    Warm!! Great video and thank you for the recipe!

  5. Faizah AlKatheri

    I like it warm and I'd add a little garlic to it.

  6. Winter Haven

    I definitely prefer my potato salad cold! Unless it is German potato salad. Have you made that? I'd love to see you try that. It goes great with Ham!

  7. SUSIE Peterson-LaLonde

    Cold potato salad only!  I must also add eggs to my potato salad, I don't use mayo I only use Miracle Whip with a tad bit of mustard added.  

  8. jgonzales304

    Cold is the only way I'll eat any type of salad. Can't wait to try out this recipe! 

  9. lynn Broadus

    I prefer it cold with diced pickles and hard boiled eggs.

  10. Darnel Bastien

    Hi just found u and subscribed, love your simple recipes….can u tell me where did u get your electric pepper thingy lol thx

  11. Tosin Falode

    Can I use red wine vinegar for the dressing?

  12. Elided Oliveros

    I don't have the muster is it possible to make it with out? Or something else?

  13. lisa2013belieber

    I just started to like potato salad and I would have to say cold!

  14. Veronica Burton

    Love warm potato salad

  15. Evany Torres

    I really really love your recipes ! They're amazing 

  16. Both plz reply

  17. Raider Nation

    Your are my new favorite cook book.

  18. aries castillo

    I like it room temp! hehehe

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