Homemade Tuna Salad Sandwich Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 909

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  1. rafeena akim

    She's skinny enough to do so

  2. You girl just earned one subscriber. 🙂 You create easy recepies and videos are enjoyable to watch. Good Job :)

  3. Lyn Palabrica

    Thank you for sharing this vid :)

  4. Karla Gonzalez

    For your recipe, when your making chicken salad sandwich do you use the same ingredients but with chicken? 

  5. earth to toddler bitch

    You should be on chopped.

  6. Christina Michaela

    Made this for my boyfriend yesterday. Laura, your resipes are great!! He absolutely loved it!! Thank you

  7. Victoria Cortez

    Thanks for the recipe Laura!

  8. bla bla bla bla bla bla! you talking all the time 

  9. The more mayo the better and creamier it tastes but I understand that's how you roll :)

  10. edible glue …eeeeewwwww

  11. Vivie Savitri

    I made this for dinner and loved it….

  12. WeeItsNookies

    Her sammich making skills is next level. I will wife this one.

  13. Ive been making the same ole tuna salad for years but this one I truly enjoy. Of course I never tire of a nice hot mug of tomato soup during the cold months. Thank you so much for a wonderful and very tasty salad Laura.

  14. LetsPlaywithAPanda

    I never NEVER cook. but i love her videos just for her personality :D

  15. Tasoula Adossidis

    So….has anyone actually tried this recipe?

  16. David Nelson

    My Norwegian mother would have been delighted with this creation.  Great as a dinner on hot Summer Nights.  So many variations are possible to suit your tastes for the day.  Thin sliced olives, mustard, thin sliced radishes.  Clean out the refrigerator.  Whatever.  Hardy breads are great.  It's all great.  Good for you too.

  17. WhatMichelleLikes101

    Everybody bitching about her saying she don't like mayo in her tuna and blah blah, grow up! People change what they like all the time.Maybe before she didn't prefer it and now she does so what. Also, for those of you talking about I ate that as a child show us something new; she has young and old viewers, some people still haven't ate tuna or tried it. Or maybe just want to try and make it exactly how Laura does. This is LAURA'S KITCHEN, not yours. If you're mad, then go cook something in your own kitchen don't tell a chef how to cook and what to cook in their own kitchen. You people are bugged out. Props to you Laura I want a bite of that!

  18. kayla peters

    Looks super yummy! Thanks so much for sharing. Sometimes a sandwich just hits the spot ❤️

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    She started her cooking journey working with her father in their restaurants.
    The restaurants have since closed due to the poor economy, but she never let that crush her dreams or stop her from doing what she
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