Holly’s Roasted Vegetables Recipe


Holly Mosier, author of the groundbreaking healthy lifestyle book “Stress Less, Weigh Less,” shows us how to make her delicious, quick and tasty Roasted Veggies recipe.

“Stress Less, Weigh Less,” is filled with more than 50 delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner and side dish recipes the entire family will enjoy.


Healthy lifestyle expert Holly Mosier shows us we do not need to make weight loss difficult; we can eat the foods we love, exercise smarter, and get and maintain the body we always wanted by reducing stress, the culprit to yo-yo dieting, belly fat and mid-life weight gain.

Working through the mind-body connection, Holly shows us that by “opting-out” of unnecessary and unfulfilling activities that rob our time and leave us depleted, we can peacefully create the bodies and lives we love.

Included are Holly’s delicious five-ingredients-or-less recipes which combine everyday ingredients into quick, satisfying healthy meals without adding extra stress to mealtime. And Holly’s personal thirty-one day habit-changing eating and workout program is included to get you started without struggle or strain.

It’s a lot easier than you think. Just follow Holly.


Holly Mosier is an author, healthy lifestyle expert, lawyer, yoga teacher, business owner, wife, mother and step-mother. Holly has a unique ability to connect with people and bodies of knowledge, explore the potential that lies within, and distill and share powerful practical solutions making a significant impact on our lives. And she has done so in the area of weight loss in “Stress Less, Weigh Less.” By following Holly’s simple formula of managing stress first, healthy eating and consistent exercise will follow naturally, bringing with them a healthy and fit mind, body and life.

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