Herb and Garlic Crusted Pork Chops Recipe – by Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Ep 126

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  1. My SUPER uninteresting life on Earth

    I have a recipe I love that's similar, but no butter at the end. I neeeeed to try w/ butter! :|

  2. just made this came out fantastic I used dried herbs not fresh, it was still real good. keep up the good work 😊

  3. this is a great recipe! yummy btw u look like mcdreamy's sister on grey's anatomy played by Caterina Scorsone

  4. crystal billmeyer

    I just made this for my family and they LOVED IT!! I also was impressed, so I am officially adding to my favorite pork chop recipes! Thank you!

  5. chaeana williams

    congrats on the food network show.

  6. Teflon pans are evil

  7. dwight Edwards

    Love all your food. Thx for cooking as good as u look. Beautiful.

  8. Made your pork chops for dinner this evening along with garlic smashed potatoes and steamed broccoli. It turned out amazing! Thank you for sharing

  9. I love how she's always so excited about food 😍😍😍 love her recipes

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  12. what if you don't have chicken broth?

  13. Harmonee Abraham

    My very first time making chops. Got a massive amount from Costco. They always have an excellent quality of meats. Made my own ghetto chicken stock. Water, poultry seasoning and butter. Bam! Still delish. lol Mr. Wonderful. .aka my fiance couldn't get enough. Home run again Laura

  14. Sugey Valenzuela

    looks delicious will try this today…

  15. im surprised she didn't add lemon juice in that gravy. overall the dish looks delicious. will try it next time i buy chops

  16. OMG I made these earlier this week soooo good. I'm already ready for another night them lol. thanks so much

  17. Clare Anderson

    iv just made this. oh my this is amazing the flavour in it as you bite. defo make this again. thank you. your channel is great x

  18. Da Memphis UndaGround Muzic Vault

    i was barely able to concentrate while watching this vid.she is VERY DISTRACTING!! her husband is one lucky S.O.B.

  19. Zabrina Gore

    OMG!!! I WAS LITERALLY DANCING IN MY KITCHEN AFTER EVERY BITE!!!!!  I ate it over rice, the sauce/gravy that the onions make is perfect!!! I ate til I was sick because I couldn't stop eating it!  SO VERY GLAD I FOUND YOUR COOKING VIDEOS AND SOOOO very thankful that you share!

  20. golfmaniac007

    those onions look way overcooked. you don't want it mushy soft

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