Healthy DESSERT Recipes (simple sweets) // Rachel Aust

Healthy DESSERT Recipes (simple sweets) // Rachel Aust

I LOVE FOOD, and even though I eat healthy I don’t believe you should deprive yourself of desserts, check these babies out.

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  1. Anemone Ngyese

    Great recipe but may I suggest that the measurement been provide in the info box as it is sometimes difficult to hear, best to know which ingredient are need …..etc

  2. coldaswinter2

    I want to try the sorbet!

  3. Megan Landry

    You are such an amazing youtuber rachel 💕

  4. Carrie Miller

    Definitely the ice cream and pie!

  5. Jaqueline Freire

    I feel like eating all of them =)

  6. Diane Bishop

    I've just been looking through the books and ERL12 recipes and everything looking for healthy things I can eat for dessert on days I'm trying not to eat chocolate. I'm DEFINITELY going to go get the missing ingredients for that strawberry ice cream tomorrow.

  7. coolrockingstar A

    these look do easy, so classy and soo good! will try them someday, thank you :)

  8. I have to try that ice cream!

  9. i love alllll

  10. Taneisha Shuttlewood

    Wouldn't natvia/stevia be worse than just ordinary sugar? I was told that sweeteners were worse than sugar because they're artificial.

  11. Victoria D'Esposito

    Can you use skyr instead of the greek yogurt? :)

  12. This is awesome! I need to eat healthier but I'm addicted to sugar. Thank you for these recipes.

  13. Mm. Your meal prep videos make me hungry but this one made me salivate! Lol.
    Yum yum! I'll first try the ice cream then the mini pies! So yummy.

  14. can you please do more healthy desserts

  15. why did she add water to the other cupcake reservoirs? I don't bake so I'm clueless

  16. Dang that looks delicious!

  17. terribabe024

    You look like Natalie Dormer with black hair, I swear! 😊

  18. More videos like these please, btw.. You're petty af…

  19. I am going to make the ice cream

  20. Eline something

    The mini apple pies look so delicious! I'm definitely going to give them a try. Thanks for the video

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