Garlic & Brown Sugar Pork Chops Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 889

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  1. Ayalyn Lamigo

    Laura, you're the best! . i tried this recipe and it turned out so perfect, so yummy!

  2. Kasondra Pacheco

    I just went and bought all the ingredients to make this…Can't wait to try this! ;)

  3. RandomnessLOL

    I love seeing these recipes cause I can substitute what I can eat! I don't eat pork or beef so I can use chicken for this! Thanks, Laura!

  4. You are just as hot as the pork chops. I'm Italian so I call it as I see it. Thanks Laura. Love your site

  5. TheNumbaOneMiss

    made it and this was the bomb!

  6. TheNumbaOneMiss

    making them now! and the cheesy ranch potatoes!

  7. Charles Williams

    Looks so good, I said bad words!!Fuc….


    Can't wait to try this : ) thanks for posting

  9. Elias Cassimatis

    Thanks Laura… royally enjoyed that x

  10. I am going to make this tomorrow. wuhooo!!!

  11. Jessica Miranda

    thank you for the recipe it was sooooo good! Will be making again.

  12. Brittney Worst

    I've made these with chicken instead before and these are UHMAZING omg

  13. Would have been nice if you'd included the measurements for the chicken stock and sugar…

  14. Robert Thames

    Made these last night. Superb simple recipe. I have made a couple of Laura's other lovely recipes and really appreciate her approach as she focuses on cooking that is not overly complicated yet very flavorful.

  15. Rachelle Nelson

    Can you make vegetarian foods for me all I see is meat plz.

  16. I made these, wow they were ridiculous.

  17. ThePrincess4va

    Lol the ending part was funny! It look so good but I know it burnt your mouth

  18. I'd love to make this! My husband loves using bread crumbs on everything so what if I breaded these and still cooked in the sauce? Would that work?

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