Fun Facts about Brazilian Food Fun Facts about Brazilian Food.
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  1. Glenda Schwan

    As a brazilian I can tell that her description was spot on! It was nice to see her honesty when saying how she misses brazilian food.

  2. You can tell that someone lived here when they had gelinho. Mind blowing.

  3. eat coxinha and drink guarana soft drink in the bar or eat pastel and drink sugar cane juice on street market are very good.

  4. sam&tin's adventures

    What a cool video! New subbie here and please feel free to check out our channel too 🙂

  5. I liked her! Gostei dela! 🙂

  6. Felipe Rangel

    Cool..she really experience everyday brazilian foods like coxinhas, pastel, pudin, brigadeiros, etc.

    If she really miss the food some things you could do in USA are brigadeiro, rice (brazilian way) and pastel. Others you need to buy a pressure pan .

    If you buy a pressure pan just tell me and I help you with beans and coxinha recipes.