Fried Fish Recipe-How To Cook Pan Fried Cod Fillet-Panko Batter-Comfort Food

Fried Fish Recipe available @ How To Fry Fish.


  1. Hi, thank you for your recipe.  I have a question for you.  Yesterday I bought cod @ BJ's and used the egg and panko, but when I started to fry it (in olive oil) if was literally falling apart. The fish did not stay in one piece like yours. It was very difficult to turn it over without it breaking.  Why do you think this happened.  It tasted fine when it was done but I was almost afraid to eat it because I thought it might be spoiled in some way.  The lable on the pack said it was good for sail until 7/11. 
    Hope you can help me with this question.  Thank you



    I'll try this now..thanks for the recipe:-)

  4. Eleanor Cofer

    Thank you so much.

  5. I am making it right now thank you.

  6. Use rice flour instead of all purpose flour. The egg will not be repelled.

  7. Bobbyjoe Wilson

    I will try this tonight..:)

  8. MelissaMarie3000

    That looks delicious. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. 

  9. you very awsome, you cook for me next time!!!

  10. Looks nice. Gonna try it! !! Lol fwish

  11. Reginald Talley

    Great recipe and looks easy and I will do this tonight. Thanks

  12. Kristine Beato

    You will also need ace, all purpose flower, crushed peppercons…

  13. Rikardo Trevino


  14. On Day Five Fishing (OD5 Fishing)

    I am the same way, I like to mix my own batters too. Looks good.

  15. Great and to the point, I'll try this tonight

  16. desiree pike

    can i use fish tuna instead of wild cod?

  17. desiree pike

    san ka nakakita ng fried fish ng di ginamitan ng mantika? ai! ambot sa imo.

  18. Nice, simple recipe.  Looks delicious!!!

  19. mujtaba mian

    yummy very  delicious fish

  20. La Tequilera Cocina Mexicana

    It's simple and really delicious, and the Panko gives an extra crispy to the fish. thanks for the recipe!

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