Fish Recipes – How to Make Indian-Style Fish Curry

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This video shows you how to make tasty white fish fillets with a spicy Indian fish curry sauce. The fillets are baked in a flavorful ginger, garlic, onion, and cashew puree, with cayenne, turmeric, cumin, coriander, garlic, and Dijon mustard adding serious flavor and spice. It’s a traditional Bengali preparation, and works great with all kinds of white fish: cod, tilapia, sole, whatever you like.

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  1. Rod Thompson

    No no no! Nasty!

  2. this is not fish curry

  3. I'm West Indian and this is not how we make curry .. Sorry 

  4. mahuanirbanika1

    Its a good recipe but doesn't even come close to being a Indian dish and forget about being Bengali. 

  5. lemoncrinckles

    Thank you. That looks really delicious! (:

  6. maro choufani

    indian style fish curry!!! ….and where's the curry in this recipe ????

  7. I'm going to try this with catfish. I am going to make a couple changes though. Instead of the mustard marinade I am going to marinate in hot sauce. And in place of the "curry" I will use my dredge. I will be accompanying this with my hush puppies. I will be using this recipe on white bass however, but if I don't like it I will never try anything that even remotely sounds Indian.

  8. Afsana Begum

    I'm bengali and let me just say, this is the worst interpretation of a fish curry. I don't even know what this is 

  9. sharonpoetry

    This is not curry fish! Where is the curry powder?

  10. Gauri Suresh

    This isnt true indian fish curry. Curry should be liquidy. This is look a marinated fish dish. Dont name this dish as curry… plz …

  11. I'd double all the ingredients 

  12. mimoocho dom

    Mustard oil is a common Bengali/Kerla- style ingredient . Has a high smoking point and yes, tastes like mustard! YUM. 

  13. Conor McDonald

    Hahaha 5 cashew halves! 

  14. Cherry Angel

    Curry is NOT Indian!!! It's British at best. Any self appreciating Indian won't even use "curry" anything.

  15. Dijon mustard???? since when do Indians use that in their cooking?

  16. You can make rubbish curry in India. Just because you are Indian doesn't mean you can cook the cuisine!

  17. awesome!

  18. Manhorse7468 98


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