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  1. Good recipe for fish, but it could have been better if you used a different spoon than what you used, cause this spoon scratches the pan non stick coat and mix it with the fish curry.  I think I read somewhere it is not good for your health. Cheers.

  2. Brave Indian

    We never serve any kind of non-veg for barat or bahu's choolha chuai. Now a days people serve non-veg in reception.( which itself is wrong)

  3. Youth Under the Shade

    Looks good. What is am cur? The spice you put in. 

  4. kiran singh simak

    Thanks for dis fish recipe with mustard, can u just tell Me how to make dry fish with mustard paste…means fish pakora with mustard paste

  5. Dear friend, thanks for sharing fish recipe, it is very test,

    Imtiaz. Hyderabad. 

  6. Sara Mustafa

    Can I use Chicken instead of fish??

  7. It is very simple, why don't you add vegetables like okra,patatoes, cut tomatoes, I think it will taste better.

  8. First time I gonna try to cook rahu fish and let you know the result, yeh! first time.

  9. Looks yummy. I have seen that Rohu fish gives a lot of pungent smell. Any tips on how to eliminate that smell? Taste wise it is better than even the king fish….but for the smell…

  10. Neha Chandra

    Very Good.. I like the way you made the fish.. It must be very tasty as it looks already..

  11. Good dish..will try soon.. the metal spatula will spoil ur non stick vessel. . And is injurious to health too..

  12. English please. .how I can follow I dont understand ur language. ..

  13. Recipe With Dr Shalini

    this is not non stick…..please see again….i'm using iron wok only…

  14. Rishi Kishore

    seriously! you use metal spoon with non-stick. I bet your non stick dose not last very long.

  15. smita thakur

    Hey Shalini, i love this fish recipe as I am also from Bihar but just wanted to ask can we we also add onion paste to this recipe..N thank u so much for sharing this recipe as i like fish only cos of this curry..

  16. Abhishek Tiwari

    Thankyou Mam, This is very easy to cook and taste is also amazing…….Because of such videos only i learn non-vegetarian cuisines. Thankyou

  17. kankanamalage premaratne

    What a wonderful recipe, daughter.

    You must put English subtitles for all to follow.

  18. Recipe With Dr Shalini


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