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Filipino Macaroni Chicken Salad Pinoy Style

Many foreigners do find Filipino Macaroni Chicken Salad very interesting. Because it is not common! Here in the States, you will see either a Chicken Salad or Macaroni Salad but not Chicken “and” or “with” Macaroni Salad!

In the Philippines, this is very common during parties and special gatherings with families. Here in our home, we never go out of Filipino Macaroni Chicken Salad especially during Christmas and Thanksgiving Day! The entire family just love it!

1 Pack of Macaroni Pasta (elbow)
1/2 lb Chicken Breast (cooked, cut into small cubes) – with this recipe, I did not shred the cooked chicken
2 Cups of Mayonnaise (or up to you!)
1 Big Can Pineapple Slices (cut into chunks!)
1 Teaspoon Brown Sugar

Optional: (which I did not include on this recipe because of our kids’ choices!)
1/2 Cup Raisins
3 Tablespoon Sweet Pickles
1/3 Cup Minced Onions
Pepper and Salt to Taste

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  1. happyjelly17

    Thank you po sa recipe na ito.

  2. Change Your Life Dance and Music

    mmmmh masarap :P

  3. Aljazi Alsada

    a lot of mayo

  4. wow that looks totally delicious well done friend :).  Please would you kindly check out my channel too, i made yummy easy  croutons really easy quick recipe if you get the chance will be yummy with your delicious looking salad… Happy New years

  5. Ronel Borbon

    I'm gonna make one and follow this procedure .. hope it works! thanks for the video. ^_^

  6. lance ashford benton jr

    ok i love it ok i like it ok 

  7. Kristine Häfliger

    Ang sarap !

  8. Marjorie Mercado

    pwede po lagyan ng cream to?

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