Feijoada Brasileira: Delicious Brazilian Feijoada stew with beans, meat and rice in Rio de Janeiro

Come join us as we eat Brazil’s national dish Feijoada, Feijão, Farofa and doce de leite for dessert at a restaurant specializing in this Brazilian dish. Feijoada à Brasileira is something you can find in just about any restaurant in Brazil and it is highly recommended as a cheap but satisfying meal.

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Feijoada Brasileira: Delicious Brazilian Feijoada stew with beans, meat and rice in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Travel Video Transcript:

So today’s lunch video is going to be all about black beans. We are at a place that specializes in Feijoada. And that is kind of like a black bean stew. So everything we’re going to be trying here from the appetizers to the mains is going to have black beans in some component. And this is something that you really find a lot in Brazilian cuisine so looking forward to sampling that.

So for the appetizer here we have a Feijoada soup. So basically a black bean soup that you drink out of a cup.

So the food is here and we have a nice selection. Just have a look. Lots of different pots and things happening. So I’m just going to serve myself. Wow, that is a lot of food. Yeah, so we’re going to start with a base of white rice that I just spilled all over the table. But white rice is one of those things that is never missing at the table when you’re in a Brazilian home. And on top of that I’m going to put my Feijão which is the black beans. Black beans on its own. Oh, that looks good. And in the next one here you have the Feijoada which is the black beans and the meat. So this is like a bean and meat stew. It has different cuts and it is a mix of pork and beef. So I’ll grab some sausage. Let’s start with that. That looks good. Oh, there is more over here. So I’m going to grab some manioc. I think that is the English name for it. Some greens. And then over here we have – what is this one? Oh, okay so the powder is farofa which is kind of like a manioc flower. So you want to be careful with this because it is really easy to choke on it. You know what I think that is the one I tried on its own and I didn’t enjoy it that much. But I think it is going to be pretty good with beans. It is very dry. Um, yeah and this apparently is fried pork skin. I think that is what I understood, so. It looks like a puffed cracker. It does. I’ve never tried fried pork skin.

Like the ingredients themselves are very simple. I mean rice and beans are super easy to make and super cheap. So yeah, and I kind of like it with the ferofa on top because it gives it kind of like a nutty flavor and it adds a bit of texture to it. So yeah, pleasantly surprised. It has been a while since I ate this so I’m enjoying it. Familiar flavor.

We should also mention that we kind of tried to play it safe with the meat in our Feijoada because on the menu we saw they had like pig ears and pig feet and intestines and just different cuts. We could have gone all out but we played it safe today.

Okay, so now I’m trying something that is called manioc. And it kind of looks like a golden potato but the texture is more like a root.

Is it kind of like yucca? Similar to yucca. Yeah. It is like really starchy. Is that good?

Okay so this right here is Brazil’s national dish. So what can you tell us Sam?

Yes but it did originate from Portugal. And what is really cool is you can find variations of this dish in former Portuguese colonies such as Macau and Goa, India. Yes. Mozambique. So travel around and try out the variations. Yeah, it feijoada around the world.

Dessert has arrived.

Dessert is here. Well, Sam is going to love this. So this one is Doce de leite and I’m probably butchering the name but that is Portuguese for dulce de leche.

So what did you think of your first feijoada? Yeah, I actually really liked it. It is simple food. Simple ingredients but it is quite tasty. And it is filling too. I did like it. I would eat it again. I think it is also worth mentioning this is a dish that you can find everywhere from like budget eateries to like top notch restaurants. So if you want to try it you don’t necessarily have to pay a lot for it. You can find this anywhere in Brazil.

This is part of our Travel in Brazil video series showcasing Brazilian food, Brazilian culture and Brazilian cuisine.

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  1. The 'fried pig skin' is called cracklin in Britain

  2. Joseane van den Berg

    Mandioca and yucca is the same thing 🙂

  3. Brazilitalia br


  4. Fabiana Tapp

    Mandioca is yucca.
    The orange one is pumpkin. The Brazilian version of sweet potato is different than the American by colour and taste.
    P.S. The Portuguese Feijoada is veeeeery different than the Brazilian one. For starters, they use tomato sauce and sometimes vegetables in their stew. If you think it is the same thing, you might think the French Cassoulette is also the same thing, but French people might not appreciate the confusion. Some Historians in Brazilian believe Feijoada started in the senzalas using the leftover of the meal from the "Casa Grande", which is the name given to the house where the farm owner and his family used to live.

  5. Popoy Pacheco

    She spilled so much rice!!😩😩

  6. Tatá Moraes

    Amo feijoada!!!!

  7. Alberto Francisco do Carmo

    It's not that mysterious It's "doce de abóbora with ground fresh coconut and sugar plus pumkin and sugar and spiced with cloves. You can try a variation from my mother's invention: take pumpkin cookit and add sugar and cooked apricots and some ground cloves (not so much!) It's a delicious jelly! Congratulations about your knowledge about feijjoadas "around the world".Many Braqzilians just don't know it! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feijoada

  8. Fabiana Tapp

    Feiioada in a cup is not feijoada, but Caldinho de feijão. But it is close enough and a foreigner might not know the difference.

  9. Daniela dos Santos Silva

    it didnt originate in portugal. its 100% brazilian and it was suposely invented by enslaved people but nobody really knows.

  10. Thank you for your videos!! You encouraged us to not be afraid to travel!! We saw your videos of Cuzco and Rio! We are currently in Rio!! 🙂 My girlfriend and I are having fun! Tomorrow is feijoada!


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  12. It IS yucca u dumb fucks

  13. Wagner Gauer

    most of people don't know ,but the first thing is "doce de leite" that is right and then a "doce de banana " ,the third thing is "doce de abóbora " and don't a coconut "cocada" . i know how make a "doce de abóbora " you just need take a pot, put abóbora inside of that ,sugar and water . and just boil

  14. Giordano lucca

    originalmente a feijoada era de feijão branco, fava, laranja… enfim, tudo oque era jogado fora, o feijão preto era consumido somente pelo senhor, não era dispensado para os escravos, por ser um item nobre. posteriormente a iguaria foi adotada pela elite e usaram o feijão preto na composição.

  15. Hum white rice is always on the table nationally everywhere kkkk I guess this video is for people who don't know what food is manioc is yuca that's why it tasted the same and it's really cassava it's just called different in English this video is ridiculous kkkk..

  16. Luiz Silvestre

    I don't speak English porém, vcs deveriam aprender realmente a origem a história de comidas e a história real de cada prato desse país. Vcs sabiam que a feijoada é originária de restos de partes de animais que eram rejeitadas pelos donos de escravos como comida e param terem algo de melhor pra comer os escravos pegavam esses restos e faziam tudo junto com os grãos que conseguiam pegar e juntar e cozinhavam !?. E foi disso que originou a feijoada. Então por favor…

  17. Why am I here watching this video at 1am? Now I'm starving…

  18. Maria soy jo jo te amo Shadow

    A feijoada é 100% brasileira, não tem nada de Portugal. Se tem algum prato lá parecido foram eles que se inspiraram com o prato daqui, e não o contrário. 😋

  19. What is the name of this restaurant


    Que torresmiho mixuruca