Dessert Recipes – How to Make English Trifle

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Watch how to make a traditional English trifle dessert that’s both elegant and delicious. White cake is cubed and layered between sweetened fresh fruit and vanilla pudding. Be sure to take the time to build this in a clear dish or glass to show off the beautiful layers.

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  1. Dessert Recipes

    Looks Delicious <3

  2. Julia Lupercio

    wow se mira .muy rico gracias

  3. Michael Giffin

    I agree. In a real trifle the cubes of cake would be drizzled with sherry or a liqueur. There would be thick pouring custard (not baked) and a lot more of it (the cake would be soaked). There would also be cubes of set jelly (jello).

  4. Lailajan Hamid

    yamy and thanx for recept

  5. Bevcrusherfan


  6. what can I replace the almond with ?? any idea ?

  7. rabaa رابعة‎

    Welcome back narrator! but this is not a English Trifle!

  8. Tori Provencio

    Yay! The narration is back!

  9. i'm english too, do mine with jelly, custard whipped cream, and sprinkles on top yummy! dont know where this version came from but it looks good, probs will give it a try, thank you for shareing

  10. this looks f**** gross unsubscribe

  11. The voice is back!

  12. does look lovely.. but its not a English trifle, the fruit and cake gets mixed with Sherry and Jelly then has custard and cream.

  13. laplebitasexy Gto

    look soo gooood!!!!😋

  14. lorans anwar

    Thank you

  15. Where is the beef sauteed with peas and onions? #Friends

  16. This is not English trifle – sacrilege

  17. Nadya Gallegos

    voice and intro are back!!!!!

  18. Brooke Eyles

    This looks delicious but it's not English trifle hahaha

  19. This isnt an English trifle ….. this is a poor facsimile….. Real English trifle has custard…not instant pudding… it also has alcohol like sweet sherry, grand marnier etc ….this is like a short cut version for people who dont know how to make any desserts….

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