Cucumber, Onion & Tomato Salad Recipe

Cucumber, Onion & Tomato Salad Recipe I received so many comments, likes and questions on this recipe when I posted it a few weeks ago, I decided to do a video on it. It’s very easy to create and very tasty.


  1. Kimberley Thomas

    I've made this many times and I use lemon juice instead of the water, vinegar and oil. No salt, no sugar. Try it, this way. 

  2. Heidy Medina

    What can this go with?! I am going to try it 😍💛

  3. Just found this and made it exactly how you did, it is delicious! can't wait till it chills and mingles in the fridge it will be even better.

  4. Cindy Udhardt

    Thank you

  5. tamika brown

    Just now about to try the tomato, cucumber&onion salad…… It smells and look good……ummmm so good.

  6. pheonixphire

    as much as i hate onions and tomatoes i do love this salad, i substitute the salt for a little bit of miso paste and i use sushi vinegar instead of apple.

  7. Shannon Stratton

    awesome video

  8. Christy Shedd

    My favorite salad. I do not use salt water or sugar in mine. This salad is very refreshing. I use it as my in between snack.

  9. Thanks for the reminder!!  I used to eat this growing up AND I used to make it.  I'm on a mission this year.  I know how to eat healthy – I just am not consistent.  That's my goal in 2015!

  10. Thanks for sharing!! x

  11. テツヤ赤司

    sugar ?

  12. Reynolds Reynolds

    I use to make this back in the 70's without the oil good with greens & bar b que

  13. Janelle Jones

    Too bad I cant do raw onions…looks good tho

  14. Meriem Tadimi

    My mother made this for us as kids and now i still make it, only thing is she adds cilantro or parsley or both, it really is delish!

  15. Kash Mahmood

    Minus the sugar its great. Thanks!

  16. Lori Timmons

    I've never been a fan of cucumber or tomato, UNTIL I tried this! I absolutely LOVE it! I got fancy and sprinkled some garlic powder on it! OMG, DE-LI-CIOUS! Thanks Chica!

  17. Do you eat all of this for lunch or only a portion size?

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