Churrasco Brazilian BBQ and Salad Bar debuts new lunch menu

Churrasco Brazilian BBQ and Salad Bar in Tumon is the only place on Guam that offers a Rodizio service. Waiters bring an offering of food to each customer at several times throughout the meal, until the

customers signify that they have had enough. Servers come to the table with knives and a skewer on which are speared various kinds of meat, most commonly local cuts of beef, pork, seafood or chicken.

Yes, it is as delicious as it sounds. recently, Churrasco rolled out an all new lunch menu that is fast and affordable, ranging in price from -. You can choose from an assortment of sandwiches featuring their famous grilled rodizio BBQ meats, seafood or veggies.

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  1. Eric Deplata

    This Guamanian is hungry now.