Chinese Braised Pork Belly Recipe

Slider Bun Recipe:

It’s less than two weeks to Chinese New Year and this is one of my family’s favourite celebratory dishes. I’ll be the first to admit that it isn’t the healthiest dish but it definitely fits the festive mood. I’m not a professional, this is just what I like to do in my spare time. Thanks for watching and thanks for reading. Happy cooking!

For the full recipe and more on the tradition, please see my blog linked below.


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  1. ella elly Tj

    ku suka soalnya enak bagiku.

  2. My mom passed away and I can't remember her recipe. This seems similiar, but no star anise?

  3. AngryLlamaAttack

    I love yoour voice

  4. Totally impressed with this. The Sliders were nice but I would be digging in with it as a Stew or Soup. Great Recipe.

  5. Awesome video and just what i was looking for, Thanks Annie!

  6. What a great voice …….. easy to listen to. So nice in comparison to so many of the annoying YouTube "cooks" ………. will try this recipe. Thanks!!

  7. hv a taste of my eggroll meiling

  8. BuzzLiteBeer

    Searing the pork belly pieces minimizes the protein/blood residue during the braise and might save you from having the clean off the pieces. It won't be as clean, but I like creating some color before braising.

  9. Hi interested to know whether this taste the same as the canned option?

  10. Marc Hoffman

    tasted great and you have a great voice for giving directions!

  11. Can i braise the pork by oven or it has to direct heat from the stove?

  12. With rice mate? OMG

  13. Glad i came across this video, needed a good recipe for this. Saw a picture and it looks so dang good. Got 6.5lbs of pork belly, gotta cook it some how lol XD

  14. itsromeo2010

    Wonder ! Great Video With Nice Dish , I Will Try In Next Week , I Need Another Recipe With Spicy … Indian Style ,.. Do You Have Please ??

  15. It must be beautiful hamburger  ㅋㅋ

  16. Sean Creaven

    cheers :-)

  17. Sean Creaven

    hi annie zhang, do you simmer it with the lid off for 3 hours??

  18. chels1 chels1

    I made this, it was delicious- Thanks!

  19. AshMOre Borat

    Nice one luv ! thanks for sharing

  20. what does boiling the pork achieve?

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