Let’s end the week on a sweet note! This delicious cheesecake mousse is the perfect finish when you want something sweet and delicious. The best part? This is totally sugar free and it qualifies as low carb and keto friendly. If those are something you choose to do. Even so, this is delicious and simple and everyone is going to love it! My girls love this and so does Rick and it’s the perfect dessert when you want something special to end an evening with. I would even serve this to guests! #lowcarb #ketofriendly #dessert #cheesecake #homemade #recipe #love #noreenskitchen

This recipe has only a few simple ingredients and you won’t believe how they mix up into this delicious dessert that can be served alone or with mixed berries! You could even use this as a filling for a no bake pie and if you want to keep that low carb you can make it with almond flour and butter with a little sweetener mixed in. This would make a spectacular pie filling! The serving size is 1/2 cup and trust me that is plenty. Because this is so rich you won’t be able to finish it if you dish up more than that!

This starts with a brick of cream cheese along with some sour cream, heavy cream, powdered erythritol and some lemon juice and vanilla extract. The secret here is to make sure that your cream cheese is super soft and at room temperature. Let it sit on the counter for a couple of hours until it easily gives when gently pressed. If you don’t allow the cream cheese to soften slowly, you will run the risk of developing unpleasant lumps in the mousse and it will not be smooth and silky in the end.

You just beat all these ingredients together and in the end you have a thick and fluffy mousse like dessert that tastes amazingly like a cheesecake. I promise you will not be disappointed! This can be eaten right after preparing but it benefits from being refrigerated for at least a couple of hours to set and chill to perfection.

I like to serve this with some fresh strawberries, blueberries and blackberries. Only a couple tablespoons to go along with the 1/2 cup serving of the mousse is a very satisfying way to treat that sweet tooth we all get from time to time. You can also serve this with sugar free chocolate syrup drizzled over the top as well if that is more your jam.

I hope you give this sugar free and low carb cheesecake mousse a try sometime soon and I hope you love it!

Happy Eating!

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