Vegetable Recipes

Vegetarian Lunch Box Recipes

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Tasty & Easy Vegan Dinner Ideas

Today we are whipping up some easy & delicious vegan dinners! The first is a veggie & rice skillet made in only one pan featuring Piqual Olive Oil from Spain! The second is a bbq chickpea wrap with creamy avocado! Links to recipes below. Rice & Veggie Skillet with Olive Oils from Spain: BBQ Chickpea & Avocado Wrap: Chickpea ...

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5 Things… Vegetarian | Food Tube Classic Recipes

There is the common stereotype that life as a vegetarian can be boring! But we have 5 amazing non meat recipes that will prove that theory wrong! (switch out the Parmesan for the vegetarian non Rennet variety) All of these are a must try – even if you’re a meateater! Links from the video: Margherita Pizza | Gennaro’s Secret ...

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