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Paneer masala recipe/Veg recipes of India for lunch & dinner/quick & easy to make/-let’s be foodie

Masala paneer recipe is Indian vegetarian curry recipes with no butter and is easy to make at home for lunch/dinner served with chapati/rice.This Indian style quick and easy vegetarian curry recipe is yummy and could be served in breakfast too. It’s best dinner/lunch dish which is ideal recipe for kids or for two. This veggie maincourse is great for night ...

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Healthy Lunch Ideas & Dinner For School

3 Healthy Lunch ideas and dinner recipes to meal prep for school or work! Which lunch/dinner idea was your favorite? Have fun cooking! P.S this video is dedicated to my dad, happy father’s day! ♡ Subscribe for more Healthy Recipes: ➝ Recipes (Ingredients list) 1. Lunch & Dinner Idea 0:14 – Asian Lettuce Wrap (5 servings) – 生菜包 / ...

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Totoro Bento Lunch Box(Kyaraben)Recipeトトロキャラ弁の作り方(レシピ)

My channel is introducing various recipes.This video is a recipe of 【Totoro Bento Lunch Box(Kyaraben)】.このチャンネルでは料理の作り方を紹介しています。今回は【トトロキャラ弁】の作り方です。小トトロやまっくろくろすけもいるよ☆ 【材料】 ご飯 のりの佃煮 ウインナー しめじ パスタ アスパラガス 肉団子 海苔 スライスチーズ うずらの卵(水煮) パセリ プチトマト ベビーリーフ 【Ingredient】 Rice Laver boiled in soy sauce(Tsukudani of nori) Wiener Shimeji mushroom Pasta Asparagus Meatball Toasted laver Slice cheese Quail egg Parsley Cherry tomato Mesclun ▼Other Kyaraben Recipes 他のキャラ弁の作り方はコチラ ▼My YouTube ...

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