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How to make Apple Milk Pudding|Easy Dessert Recipes|Pudding Recipes|Malayalam|Anu’s Kitchen

Apple Milk Pudding is an easy dessert with some custard and apple chunks.Tasty dessert to serve on any occasion Don’t forget to visit my facebook page Other popular videos in Anu’s Kitchen Red Velvet Cake Pavakka Theeyal Kottayam Mathi Curry Easy Gobi Manchurian Ingredients for pudding Milk-2 cups Apple-1/4 cup chopped Cornflour-2 tblspn Egg Yolk-of 2 eggs Honey-2 tblpsn ...

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Dessert Recipes – How to Make Teddy Bear Hot Tub S’mores

Get our original recipe for Teddy Bear Hot Tub S’Mores at Here’s a different take on a s’more. We’ll show you how to toast marshmallows over a gas stove and fill them with bourbon-flavored chocolate ganache. Then, we’ll add a teddy bear graham cracker for the ‘super cute’ factor.  Subscribe to Allrecipes @ Allrecipes Magazine is now available! ...

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Dessert Recipes – How to Make Oreo Fudge

Get the recipe for World’s Best Oreo® Fudge at To tell you the truth—no fudging—this Oreo® cookie studded white chocolate fudge just might become the favorite on your holiday treat tray! Boil sugar, butter and evaporated milk then add white chocolate chips, marshmallow crème and vanilla. Mix in crushed sandwich cookies and spread into a pan and top with ...

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