Brazilian YouTube Stars Try Traditional Chinese Food

Nilce and Leon’s Perspective:

I decided to make a traditional Chinese New Year meal for my friends Leon and Nilce from Cade a Chave and Coisa De Nerd. We reviewed the less than ideal food of the Brazilian fast food chain “China in the Box” in previous videos, now it’s time to show everyone that real Chinese food is refined and delicious.

The menu consisted of Chinese Dumplings (popularly known as Gyozas) for Appetizers, followed by 3 entrees. Garlic stem and pork stir fry, spicy tofu skins, and steamed fish. We finished the meal with uniquely asian fruits such as Lo Gan and Dragonfruit. Let me know if you would also like to know the recipe… just need to figure out a place to put it.

Special Thank you to Leon and Nilce, most of you know them but for those who don’t:

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  1. My favorite food is bolo de cenoura.

  2. anna me anima!

    Is one channel american,for this,i go speak english (if you not understand me) food chinese is good (i think) the food brasilian IS VERY GOOD! I am brasilian and,JEFF THE FOOD OF BRAZIL IS VERY VERY VERY GOOD! PRINCIPAL IS CANDY,THE DANCE OF VALSA,BIS, AND THE VERY OTHERS

  3. Filipe Salsinha

    Aquela grande fruta vermelha, parece uma akuma no mi, Dragon, Dragon Fruit
    That big red fruit looks like an akuma no mi, Dragon, Dragon Fruit

  4. 2:32 Good Leooooon!!! you are a best chinese ! ( eu so brasileiro , e meu ingles… é.. é mais ou menos)


  6. omg the leon don't knows how to use the thopsticks hahahaha

  7. Otávio Gonçalves

    Olho do dragão aqui no Brasil é mais conhecido como pitaia

  8. HELLO jeff

  9. Wesley dos Santos

    Alguém me explica porque o Leon comeu peixe se ele é vegetariano buguei

  10. Eduarda Fraga


  11. aqui a gente chama isso de pita

  12. Jeff pleae react to trailer dectetive Pikachu please!

  13. Thiago Cardoso

    Please don't stop doing those videos. Me and my wife love you.

  14. Gustavo Ribeiro

    Gente o publico do jeff e todo br?

  15. Dorx Jurrasico

    Jeff you beautiful

  16. Guilherme Siqueira

    bolo de cenoura?

  17. Jaqueline Gabriel

    Amo quando Leon e Nilce fazem sons enquanto degustam e o Jeff põe legendas pra isso.
    Adoro kkkk

  18. Cristian Moers Bonawitz

    Leon é vegano e come peixe?

  19. dragon gl plays

    #bolodecenouraisn'talie , Send A special hug for leon and mulher de pouca fé (i am brazilian 🙂

  20. Galactico 21

    Nice Video Jeff!!