Brazilian Steakhouses – Stop Doing it Wrong, Episode 43

Brazilian Steakhouses - Stop Doing it Wrong, Episode 43

When it comes to Brazilian steakhouses aka churrascarias, knowing when to stop filling up your plate can be tricky. Let our expert at Churrascaria Plataforma guide you on the best ways to enjoy all you can eat meat.

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  1. That’s the whole point of the salad barges full before the meat

  2. What matters is that your always going to leave with a full stomach.

  3. Shitty video.

  4. Gaming With Christos

    Mash potater

  5. Seriously if you know you're going to a place like this don't wear a should have been asked to leave.

  6. Pichan Liwag

    i think that is a mexican piece? 🤔

  7. Ryan Paschen

    mashed potater

  8. Inclusive Outsider

    It looks delicious.

  9. How much do they charge for per person


  11. colon cancer

  12. Dante Howlstice

    are the first people illiterate?

  13. There is no wrong way you morons.

  14. Always remember to get some of the grilled pinapple slices, the pinapple helps digest all that meat

  15. Stop Doing It Wrong – the series where Zagat finds complete idiots and puts them in front of a camera in a restaurant.

  16. rodizio de rico em sp é caro em fala pra vc

  17. Von Klok ᛁᚲᛟᛗᛖᚠᚱᛟ

    A boa e velha churrascaria do gaúcho que é uma barbaridade

  18. Ricky Cunningham

    I wonder if they have someone like a host or a server that is trained to explain how it works to guest? Yes as a customer I want to have a good time and I am sure the place is not cheap so make sure to share the knowledge when people come in

  19. WTF this latin spanish music???????? STOP DOING IT WRONG!

  20. Arno Sinclair

    yeah Sandro Lorenzi!