Brazilian Rice – a very simple recipe

Brazilians love rice and they have it with so many typical Brazilian dishes. Using this simple method, it could not be a simpler dish to prepare. This is the first episode of a series of videos I’m making on Brazilian Basics. This is essential stuff everyone who like Brazilian food should know how to make.

By – Classic Brazilian food and drinks

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  1. Rosseita Keita

    Was the rice raised…

  2. Tried it and loved it!

  3. Addy Alomaim

    Nice I will try it

  4. Victor Medeiros

    Só BR nos comentários huehuehuehueu br br br

  5. thanks

  6. Haniel Gamer10HD

    Quem e brasileiro aqui :D?

  7. Good information , I am Indian ,, but I have to know Braziln food types thank you

  8. Deadliest One

    What's the name of the rice you used?

  9. Manu Fernandes

    In my family we make a paste with garlic and salt and use a little of it after the rice fried a little. Then we add water.

  10. eating it now

  11. it's good👍

  12. Aline Rodrigues

    the best recipe!… and now I can learn how to cook and learn English in the same time!

  13. Emmanuella Gladys Amétoglo

    Hello, really nice video keep going and I did suscribe and thumb up

  14. Olá Nando, super obrigada pelos seus videos. Fiz uma pesquisa no youtube para ver se eu achava videos com receitas simples de comida que nós brasileiros comemos no dia a dia, mas que fosse ensinada em inglês, já que essa é a lingua que meu filho Felipe domina melhor. Qual não foi minha felicidade ao encontrar o seu channel! Agora o Felipe vai poder preparar o feijão com arroz que ele tanto gosta lá na Suécia 🙂

  15. Priscilla Beline

    Your accent is just awesome lol. Thought you were from Europe or something hahaha
    Great video btw! Is there any diff if I cook the rice in two "waters"?

  16. muito obrigado. lol

  17. Thank you I made it tonight I'll never go back to making it any other way! I was so excited about it yum

  18. Same ingredients, but different amounts and method as my Brasilian MIL. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Delicious Dee

    no getting the starch outta the rice prior to cooking?

  20. Miss Foodwise

    love this mate!!