Brazilian coffee and Breakfast

I have been waiting such a long time to finally taste the real Brazilian coffee. I went to have breakfast at Cafe Gaucho, Rio De Janeiro’s legendary cafeteria… I definitely filled up on fuel for the day.

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  1. when he said cheers! the Brazilian said no ( Saudi ) !! what’s the meaning of that Brazilian people ??

  2. Please come to Brazil

  3. Dude it should be about the food not about you. Stop trying to be this cool

  4. Why the fuck those ignorant gringos always put some stupid Caribbean music in videos about Brazil. It has nothing to do with us. Get a clue dumbasses .

  5. Brazilian Idiot


  6. Mark De Alwis

    Is it me or does the guy at 1:54 look like Morgan Freeman?

  7. Pêsseguinho

    the brazilians is very cool

  8. Victor Ribeiro Roda

    That`s a legit Brazilian coffee joint.

  9. PedroSimões

    This guy has so much stereotypical thoughts rooted inside him that it's almost unbearable to watch

  10. wagner vitcoski

    Thisnis definitely not typical brazilian coffee, you should look for a "café coado" or even the famous "pingado", which is more like a latte coffee.