Brazilian Breakfast! 🇧🇷

I try to eat as healthy as possible on a regular basis but when I’m on vacation I give myself a little room to eat a few things I really like and miss when I’m away from home. In this video I share with y’all what I have for breakfast when I’m in Brazil. Of course I don’t eat this everyday (or I’d be 3 times bigger than what I am) but my Mom and Dad do spoil me a lot when I’m here. My Dad leaves papaya ready for me to eat every morning and my Mom always bake me cake! 🙂

It’s a short video but I sure do hope you enjoy it!

Thank you so so much for watching!
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  1. Woww not as healthy as Japanese and indian's tho.

  2. Edson Ribeiro

    Pão na Chapa is common in every city of Brazil, almost part of the culture like rice and beans for the lunch, The true Staple in Brazil

  3. Amanda the Anormal

    Pão com margarina e café.

    Acabo o café da manhã dos brasileiros.

    ( os pobres pelo menos )

  4. NinjaGamer 1010

    Eu sou brasileiro e eu estou muito feliz em estar desfrutando nossa cultura!

  5. I'm a Brazilian

  6. Renan Rugolo Ré

    O pior que é assim mesmo!

  7. Bárbara Feuer

    serio que tu acha que isso nao eh saudavel? principalmente comparando com os eua? hahah achei show o video
    vejo que nos outros paises eh tudo mto diferente do nosso cafe

  8. Butter fried white bread doesn´t sound too healthy

  9. Hello, Erika I'm curious, since I found out your Japanese, but how come your parents didn't move with you to Los Angeles or California where there is lots of Japanese there in those places you all go see Japantown sometimes or Little Tokyo sometimes have lots of culture reminds you of Japan and be with other immigrants of Japanese descent in America, I know there is thousands in Europe like in South America and there is millions of Japanese living in America more then other countries outside Japan?

    I am sad there is not a lot of Japanese people living in Poland as some living in the west European countries.

    And by the way are you only bilingual speak English and Japanese?

  10. I eat this every day kk I'm from Brazil. nice video!

  11. Oh Jesus
    How I miss that "Pão na Chapa"

  12. xVenusxMyaruiiNekkoChuiix _

    I wanna go to brazil…. but im in the United States

  13. cj and sunny tv

    I want to go to Brazil so bad 💖😍🇧🇷 I want to move there.