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Instrumental Lounge Music and Chillout Music. To create the magical atmosphere of Relaxation choose this Luxury Lounge Music video with southamerican Relaxing Sounds of Brazilian Party. This Sensual and Sexy Bossanova Music will help you unwind and enjoy special moments of Brazilian Dinner – Samba, Bossa Nova, Background Music, Best Music from Brazil

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  2. Community Four Community Four

    good song

  3. Michael Hayden

    What song is it that starts at 49:40???

  4. Good music.

  5. jonnalyn Marquez

    i eat fondue with white wine at home and listineng this music i feel like i am in expensive restaurant.

  6. lovely music

  7. For anyone who tend to build website of restaurant:

  8. Anastasia Varlami

    Is it weird that I listen to this when I do my homework? It's so relaxing and stress-relieving! Thank you =)

  9. who else is playing this while having Christmas dinner?

  10. Enjoyed by Americans

  11. Nice but this is not bossa nova.

  12. thechico1979

    making a grilled chicken Fettuccine Alfredo, with Caesar salad and garlic bread for our first date. sounds good? with a bottle of 2011 Chardonnay.

  13. I like turtles

  14. thamarind gili gede


  15. Roberto Ordoñez

    programa buenos días con km Arribes serrano

  16. Peta Rickard


  17. Aaron Johnson

    Love it I turned it off when the party was over at 11pm and my dad was like no don't turn it off I love the music!

  18. Simon Svensson

    I'll have a bag of popcorn with some truffle oil and a belgian wheat.

  19. Alivia Bierley

    Astonishing music. I highly recommend this for the sophisticated wine drinker. Goes very well with some Pinot Duh Wignoir Uh Luh France, rate 10/10.

  20. xXxBunnyOnMethxXx