Black Forest Trifle Recipe | Easy Holiday Dessert

Black Forest Trifle recipe at All the flavors of a black forest cake, put together into a trifle for a simple, no-bake dessert! Watch the chocolate pound cake video

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  1. I love these videos your sense of humor makes it excellent and your education with regards to cooking is muy bueno as well.

  2. Agusta Harting

    The liquor is pronounced "Keerch" not "Curse"!! Delicious recipe though! Keep up the good work girl!

  3. I'm from the black forest 😀 :)

  4. Orlando Arroyo

    Hilah, just saw, probably, the last video (Enchiladas Suizas) of the year (2015) and started to remember when you first started making cooking videos. What happened to your old videos? :(

  5. Rachel Lassiter

    Oh wow I just watched a video from 2010 and one from now you have developed a lot! That's great I love your channel you have great humor 😆

  6. Tessie Dobey

    I haven't watched your show in a minute. I see that your kitchen is different, did you move or redecorate?

  7. Shahad Alablani

    i thought Hilah only for arabs !! my mom's name is Hilah , i'll told her she'll be happy …
    Keep going sista

  8. Yehonatan Ofner

    Hey Fibi from friends!

  9. lovelyladycakes

    yummm, love love this one!! xoxoxo

  10. Boozy cake ! I have made so many of your recipes no way I'm skipping this one. Thanks Hilah. I hope you have a great Christmas !

  11. MediaWatchDawg

    This woman's like Bob Saget – ANNOYING.

  12. the 10 people that disliked this video are a bunch of hating ass Xmas scrooges shitfaced cockmasters!

  13. TheTombstone3

    I love it when your a fool dudett, and would love to see you with all that cream all over you , sexy . see ya and take care . tell everybody hi .

  14. you are so weird and I love it its just u no false persona 🙂 a new subscriber :)

  15. Hilah, do you enjoy tossing the salad?

  16. melluvs2cook

    hahaha, that ending though, the best

  17. Looks really great! I went out and go the Kirschwasser (a different brand, by the way) and my wife is going to make it. But she has a question about how much Kirschwasser to use to soak the cherries. Enough to cover the cherries, less, or what?

  18. Veronika McDonald King

    I so want to make this for Christmas! Thanks for the recipe :)

  19. Shiven Limbachia

    This would be pretty great for Father's Day too 🙂 Great video, Hilah

  20. Zaid Alawadi

    wait is the cherry fake

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