Best Poisson gros sel Recipe- Fish The Haitian way!

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  1. The eyes 👀 taste good for real 😋

  2. Haiti Nadege

    nadege.d. Haïti

  3. Woy woy se pa konsa yo fel pwason godsel ok m ka edew wi pwason an pa pran sel epi li pa filange anpils li pa byen sizonnen ou pa konn anyen non ou memm kote ou soti nan ayiti a

  4. Toussaints' Wrath

    Aye! Ain't nobuddy got time for your life story on here…

  5. valessa germain

    I love how everyone thinks that there's only one way of doing things smh ya'll so petty on here. If u don't like it make ur own video n keep it pushing 

  6. Myrtha Fondoit

    rete rete smhhh;))

  7. Metabele Reid

    This is a very ignorant video , I am truly pissed off cause you did not show how you make the sauce. You truly pissed me off

  8. islande scheulen

    i´m haitian i love all my food! 

  9. I wanted to criticize everything that you did wrong, because I'm so happy I see some Haitian cooking from YouTube I'm not great job but you missing a lot of things.

  10. sorry u do not know how to make poisson gros sel. oh noooo

  11. Bianca Joseph

    How to make fish the Haitian way

  12. Elda Honorat

    how long does it marinate

  13. Elda Honorat

    how long do you boil the fish

  14. ravi mahabir

    That's exactly how fish should be cooked moist and properly seasoned 

  15. phil magloire you're right and she forgot to chaude poisson (lol)

  16. Farah Ulysse

    pwason san sel sa pa fouti pa santi aprew finn kwit li….smh

  17. Farah Ulysse

    I hope no one try this recipe……..

  18. Phil Magloire

    It is a good Haitian fish recipe but IT Is not "poisson gros sel" recipe. Where is the salt in your recipe. Aren't you supposed to season the fish with lots of salt and lime and let it marinate

  19. marie wuisline Raymond

    sa relew bn manje lakay

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