BBQ with Franklin: Pulled Pork

Aaron shares the secrets of TEXAS-style pulled pork. What to look for in the cut of meat, how to season and how to cook.

“Greenville Girl”
Vox/Bass – Solid Gold Makowski
Drums/ Rusty ole’ Milkcan – Kory Cook
Bari Sax/Barnyard Skronk – Thad Scott
Guitar/Dobro/Barnyard Skronk – Big Jeff
Recorded/mixed by Dale X Allen
Licorice Tree Records, 2008


  1. Yes pork buts always come in packs of two even in Canada

  2. Aidan Vascotto

    Wait, where's this being filmed?

  3. julius vaigauskas

    I like franklin

  4. Seems I am late to the party. Really great video – thanks for sharing !!

  5. I luv the baby bottle of olive oil

  6. Two questions…do you use a tuner and is that the $400 pit or the $1000 pit?

  7. Eddie Esquivel

    How dare you make bbq without a black glove!!! Jk nicely done.

  8. Made this for the first time last night and it's safe to say if it wasn't because of this video it would of been struggle street all the way.
    I couldn't even pick the thing up with out it falling to peaces in my hand.

  9. Otto Blundly

    Great videos. Thanks a million.

  10. Learn to BBQ

    The Master of Brisket is also the King of Pork. Also, Texas style pork is only different when you add the sauce.

  11. Dénes Pecsmán

    how many kilogramms of meat is it about?

  12. What size did you cook, or how many hours for each lb

  13. So I made this today I the flavor was great but it came out tough… I really don’t know what happened I followed direction just like in the video. I hope next time it comes out better I happened to LOVE pulled pork

  14. I would check meat temperature

  15. Phoenix RadTech

    That looks so, so yummy. Gonna make it tomorrow! Thanks for the great tutorial!

  16. What I would do to be this guys roommate

  17. jomie orbino

    It’s the oven that matters

  18. its late, I'm buzzed and I need some barbecue videos

  19. Catherine Engel

    I’m cooking this right now. Been on the grill for 4-hours. Looks great!

  20. I think he's in Texas