Bahraini Fish Recipe-وصفة سمك من البحرين

وصفة طبخ بحرينيه, سهله و لذيذه.
Bahraini fish recipe, easy and delicious
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  1. Music is very loud and annoying…

  2. Looks delicious. Brings back fond memories of my youth in Awali.

  3. oceantrolls73

    very very nice… wow… mashallah!

  4. Hello and thanks for this great recipe, may I ask what kind of fish is shown here in the video?

  5. ماشاء الله تبارك الله
    شغل معلمين الله يباركم فيكم

  6. عاشت ايدك وشكرا عله الفديو

  7. Makeup by Domarena

    وصفة لذيذة وسهلة ,, ما هي اول صلصة حمراء التي اضفتيها على السمك و مشكورررررررررررررررررا

  8. mmmmmmmmmmm……….

  9. they are great!! but could you please caption each step as you do them as it leaves me confused about what spics/methods you are doing

  10. mmm look good but i think will be very strong taste i will try it and i will tell mimi thank for the great recipes

  11. what did u add at 3.27 is it poppy seed ????

  12. يم يم شكله لذيذ مره
    تسلم يدك

  13. TheHadithPolcie

    fantastic video.

  14. Oh yum ~ That looks delish! Thank you!

  15. جزاك الله خيرررررررررررر

  16. Wow, what a coincidense, I just got back from Bahrain! 🙂
    Thx for the recipe.

  17. Antonio Tahhan

    ممتااااااز!!! كتير حبيت هالوصفة و شكل السمك بعد الطبخ كتير حلو ايضاَ

  18. Oh this looks great! I have fish and need to use it but was looking for something different to try. Thanks!

  19. DonMikeSelector


  20. wonderful. cant wait to to make it. thanks for putting up the video. x

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