Authentic Greek Salad Recipe : Modern Mediterranean Recipes

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Authentic Greek salad combines a few key ingredients into a delicious, enjoyable dish for all. Get an authentic Greek salad recipe with help from a chef and culinary educator in this free video clip.

Expert: Dee Lennox
Filmmaker: Luis Trueba

Series Description: You can bring modern Mediterranean food right into your own home with a rich mixture of ingredients and the right recipes. Get tips on cooking modern Mediterranean food with help from a chef and culinary educator in this free video series.
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  1. Heather Jordan

    I am from Brooklyn and I only eat authentic foods from people who are from the place itself. Omg…

  2. theogaming17

    This is not a Greek salad a Greek salad is just tomato cucumber white onion olives olive oil and salt THATS IT NOT SO FUCKING HARD 

  3. my wife is greek and hers are nothing like this, but right now im in the hospital on clear liquid diet watching food videos torchering myself.

  4. Home & Order by Tonia

    No vinegar, no garlic, no mustard (just olive oil, salt & oregano), no cherry tomatoes (wedges of big tomatoes instead), no roasted peppers (you can use pieces of green pepper), no minced onion (onion cut in rings instead), no square pieces of cucumber (cut them in rolls instead), no small pieces of feta cheese (put a big piece on top).  Great salad by the way but not the authentic Greek one, sorry!

  5. achilles villiotis

    You call this an authentic Greek salad???? Are you serius??? Tomatos, onion, feta cheese, olives… this is it!

  6. If this is a Greek salad then I am Jesus Christ.

  7. Regular John

    The title is a lie, THIS IS NOT AN AUTHENTIC GREEK SALAD.. Lol Wow .. So many weirdos ruining our salads. 


  9. AlexTheGreat 3

    U can't call it authentic,that's like saying a hawian pizza is an authentic Italian pizza, just no!!!

  10. AtomHeartBat

    I'm Greek. This is nonsense. 

  11. authentic?  My foot!  As authentic as your false accent me thinks.

  12. philhellene100

    Peppers in Greek Salad? Peppers are a native of the Americas.

  13. Aegean Viper

    I stopped watching this video as soon as she said mustard. Who the hell uses mustard ? I'm Greek, that's not a Greek (horiatiki) Salad. WTF is going on here?? Stop ruining our salads 

  14. Good recipe.  I would leave out the cheese, and would use fresh peppers instead of roasted.

  15. Jose Corletto


  16. Liliana Santana (Bellabluemiami)


  17. Purple fairy

    i'm sorry but this is not an "Authentic Greek Salad". i'm from Greece and we don't put any mustard or garlic in the salad!! the right ingredients are: tomatoes, cucumber, olives, olive oil, peppers, feta, oregano, salt and pepper! nothing else!! just that!

  18. Chloe Emmanuelle

    She's so hot! Lol…can I get the measurement please? 

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