5 Scrumptious Pulled Pork Recipes

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  1. Victoria Levy

    Okay I'm sorry but cole slaw was always a Jewish deli thing for me so seeing cole slaw with pork kinda makes my head explode for a good couple of seconds. But that looks yummy af so I honestly can't bring myself to care 😂

  2. That’s a lot of work but worth it

  3. mythirdchannel

    all of these … now … please >_<

  4. I’am Muslim

  5. Irene Kefalinou

    You too baby girl I love you too baby

  6. Is anyone’s mouthwatering while watching this

  7. I don't even like pork and I want to eat these.

  8. Sophie Collia

    What is liquid smoke???

  9. Does the pork always have to be pulled

  10. Astamur Daurovich

    This is a SLOW COOKER ad, downvoted!

  11. Tianna Thomas


  12. cocoa tresbelle

    Y'all nasty, don't cook meat u don't know what ur doing. Yuk

  13. Jennifer Cavenee

    These all look delicious, but to be honest I probably wouldn't go through all the trouble of making pulled pork just to put it on sandwiches and nachos. Looks like a great way to use up leftovers from your last barbecue, though.

  14. Tyler and Tyrone

    Finally a black person lol #NOT BEING RACIST JUST BEING TRUE

  15. Skyler Thompson

    Anybody else watch these for the music?? lol

  16. Erin Dixon-Gonzalez

    Using loin instead of shoulder for pulled pork is not something I’d ever recommend. Loin is more expensive and isn’t as good in the recipe

  17. So I'm Muslim and it's forbidden for me to eat pork, I wonder though, how does it taste?

  18. Why does pulled pork always need bbq sauce or ketchup/mustard? Are there any recipes without it? I have weird picky eaters at home.

  19. you know, the fries one (second dish) is just a very fancy version of the Kapsalon :p

  20. Haram