4 Recipes Almost Too Cute To Eat

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  1. TheHothotheatlive

    Haha did Rea make this video? Such a treat to watch! Usually Tasty recipes cost me a bomb, but I already have the ingredients for this one, like goji berries! Buzzfeed, I know your videos are catered to Americans, but you have a huge audience in Asia too! Would be awesome to have more recipes like this!

  2. Top Tree Bikini

    Am i the only one who noticed that it's 5 recipes? Not complaining tho

  3. Vincenzos Plate

    This is what they served me at a Kawaii cafe in tokyo

  4. I would really like to see someone try to make a bento box.

  5. Fatima Mejia

    Ohhh si yo veo todo eso, no me los comería; los tendía de recuerdo 😂😂😂😅

  6. Giannelys Millan

    These are Soooo Cute Like if u agree 💓

  7. Elizabeth Orfalo

    When you want your kid to eat… anything you put in front of them!

  8. 0:27


  9. Mischievous pup

    What did you use for the eyes and mouth of the sleeping bear???

  10. 1:29 that's cute!

  11. shyni suresh

    Khavayi 😊😊😊😊☺️

  12. animal pancakes, rice bear, egg animals, fish bowl, bleeding panda… isn't that 5 recipes?/

  13. BkookTieS army

    Very cute!!!

  14. Nora the hedgehog

    3:29 YASSSSS

  15. Nora the hedgehog

    3:03 cute, but DUSGUTING

  16. Mayamin P. chimvilaisup meow

    the monkey is ugly

    and the pig


  17. kassandra kyne

    Nah I'll still eat it

  18. Those are actually 5 recipes

  19. So nicely

  20. Havent watched it yet but please make these on Eat your Feed! Hahaha